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Dayquan Moeller is a Long Beach based composer, playwright, poet, field recordist, and performance artist. His performances range from roaming his neighborhood with a cardboard box over his head, to trying to convince open mic attendees to purchase drinks from an “Invisible Lemonade Stand.” His collaborative works include composing music for three short plays, two short films, and publications in Molecule – a tiny lit mag and The Greenleaf Review. He is also co-editor in chief for the art and literature magazine, 562 Medium. Dayquan Moeller is currently studying Social Theatre and music at Whittier College.


Dayquan was introduced to theatre in middle school by his sister, Tahirih Moeller, who, at the time, was studying playwriting and acting at Cal State University Long Beach. Dayquan would have never taken on playwriting himself if it wasn't for her, and she remains his most significant influence and inspiration today. In the 10th grade, he had one of his plays produced for the first time - a documentary theatre piece based on interviews he conducted with homeless individuals, in collaboration with a local nonprofit, Wrap the Kids. It was then that Dayquan learned theatre's true power, that he could not only use it to entertain but also to change hearts and minds by bringing attention to issues affecting his community. Dayquan began to study artists like Ping Chong and Augusto Boal who use theatre as a vehicle for social change, and in his senior year of high school Dayquan had the opportunity to work alongside playwright Patricia Loughrey.

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