POLA LOPEZ - 2017 Featured Artist

Pola Lopez is a self-taught artist who lives and paints in Santa Fe, in her native New Mexico. Knowing since a very young age that art was her path in life, she has been a professional artist for over 25 years. Her art is an eclectic mix of images drawn from her mixed cultural background, a heritage rich in tradition and fused with a spiritual vision, added to that, her belief in the power of color to provoke and effect. Therefore her vibrant canvases are immersed in the symbols of a Mesizo culture that encompasses European and native influences with a definite indigenous feminine perspective.

Born in Las Vegas, New Mexico, in April of 1954, she credits her father who was a poet and dreamer for encouraging her to be an artist and follow her heart. Pursing that intent right after graduation from High School in l972, she set up her first studio/gallery and embarked on a journey of creative discovery. During this time she was married, had 2 children Catana, a daughter, and Jazz, a son. Years later she moved to Taos where she set up another studio and raised her kids and painted for 12 years. Now divorced and living in Santa Fe, she has 2 precious grand children, Elisa and Dimitri. She believes that in having always lived in the land of enchantment as it is known, has given her a magical way of perceiving and interpreting the imagery portrayed in her work; images which vividly relay the distinct and unique flavor of the region, yet are universal in relevance.Lopez has been the receipient of numerous Best of Show awards and has been featured in several publications and film documentaries. Her paintings are collected by private patrons throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, as well as held in permanent collection in local museums and foundations. With an extensive exhibition list, she prefers to and has always represented herself, with a desire to create her own place in the artworld without compromising her artistic and creative inspiration.

Website: www.PolaLopez.com

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