2017 Installation Artists


"Julio César Jiménez Jr., named after his father, (born September 17, 1984) was born in Los Angeles, California and resides in Winnetka, CA (Located in the San Fernando Valley)

It was at age 14 that Julio Jimenez took interest in art to complete school credit. Unbeknownst to him, that art class would be the turning point in his life in which art would become part of his essence.

As fate would have it, he met and then befriended Burbank's well-known street painter and artist, Randall Williams when he visited Williams' studio to have one of his drawings framed. After viewing Jimenez's talents on paper, Williams encouraged him to exercise his talent by introducing him to an advanced level of artistry using chalk as a medium for creating street paintings. Since then, chalk has been Jimenez's preferred medium. He quickly began to receive much attention, commission requests from local businesses and advertising agencies and awards. Nearing his graduation from the Art Institute of California-Los Angeles, where he received his Bachelor's degree in Media Arts and Animation (2006), he continued to pursue the chalk medium by participating in as many street painting circuits throughout Southern California as possible. At the Art Institute of CA-LA, he learned computer programs that assist him with previewing his ideal blueprints for his upcoming street paintings.

My major motivation for street painting would be the public, Jimenez states. As people become attracted to witnessing the process of artwork being birthed, it helps break any artist out of his shell of shyness. He adds, When the there are walls of people surrounding my work area, it builds up my energy, excitement and concentration. It's worth waking up early and spending 12-hours (or more) a day to feel the excitement.

Julio Jimenez has been Street Painting since 2005 and has accumulated an electric portfolio of over 100 pieces: drawing automobiles, to anatomy, to buildings, to renditions of masterpieces, to 3D anamorphic, to food, to animals etc. participating in festivals, corporate ads, city events in US and Mexico."

Quoted from www.streetpaintingfestivalinc.org/index.php/artists/featured-artists/30-julio-jimenez


A great interest in shooting vintage inspired photos, Ariana loves taking photos from different eras all the way back in history to the Egyptian time period which expresses her love of history and art together. She is always open-minded to embark on new and original concepts, ideas, and suggestions. A kind and easy-to-work-with Fashion/Costume Designer, she creates her wardrobe and has a variety of costumes and clothing from different eras for shoots. If there is a certain article of clothing that might be hard to find due to being decades ago to thousands of years ago, she can make it! Her work has been featured in Car Kulture Deluxe, Whittier Daily News, ABC 7 News, Vintages News Magazine and more.


"Face painting is simply a magical way to "Bring Your Party to Life!" For kids of all ages, the young and the young at heart. Face painting is water-based and is safe on the skin. All you need are baby wipes or a little bit of soap and warm water to take it off."

Website: http://www.lilymoreno.com


"I've been attracted to the visual arts and I hope that my photography will be [the] best medium through which people can get to know me. Fashion Editorial, Modeling, and fine arts are my interests. I enjoy runway shows and shooting music videos. Shooting outdoors in natural light is the best. Shutter Eye Digital is my company and my studio [that welcomes and is open to] all creative minds. I'm here to network with models, makeup artists, photographers, and [in the process] make friends."

Website: http://ramossed.wix.com/shutter-eye-digital#!my-story




"My earliest memories of creating are as a young child. In fact I cannot recall a time when art was not part of my everyday experience. As a child my peers and the adults in my life either marveled at my abilities or were annoyed by my perceived obsession with creating things. Consequently, I knew I was different. I did not find my tribe until I began my Bachelors Degree in Fine Art at Towson University. In this setting I was surrounded by creatives who thought and communicated like me. It was validating, enriching and engaging. Learning and creating in this environment taught me the value of surrounding myself with fellow creatives who support my artistic process and challenge me to to grow. As an artist, art educator and advocate for the arts professional growth is a primary goal. I am constantly seeking opportunities to master my craft and broaden my practice. After spending more than 25 years pursuing academic drawing and painting I am venturing into the world of abstraction. I am enjoying experimenting with media, subject matter and message to produce new work that is pushing my limits as a creative. As I explore the same subject from different angles and in different compositions I am discovering new ways to think about the art I create and the effect it has on the viewer. I am finding this new process liberating and I am looking forward to the journey and the work that will result from it."

Quoted from http://www.whittierartists.com/LisaKefferRuiz


"The Los Angeles Music and Art School (LAMusArt) was founded by educator Pearle Irene Odell in 1945. Ms. Odell was a visionary educator who recognized the tremendous need to offer after-school arts programs to the underserved youth of East Los Angeles and the surrounding communities. With the School’s founding Music Director, Robert R. Webb, LAMusArt began providing music instruction in two small, Victorian-style homes on South Boyle Avenue in Boyle Heights. By the late 1950s, the demand for the School’s programs could not be accommodated in such a small place. With the generous support of the community and friends of the school, LAMusArt acquired its present site on East Third Street in the mid 60s. Construction of the school building was completed in 1967 and an addition to the school parking lot was completed in 1994.

The Los Angeles Music and Art School has become a cornerstone of the East Los Angeles Community and has flourished throughout the decades. It will continue to be a haven of arts education for East Los Angeles and the surrounding community and looks forward to many more years of service."

Quoted from http://lamusart.org/history/


"The King Richard's Antique Center was started over 30 years ago (1979) by Richard Bowlin and Jim Slevcove. Before it became the antique center, the site was used for citrus packing. The building was built in 1903 and is a historical building on the Local Register of Historic Resources (Citrus Assoc. Packing House).

Chuck and Martha have owned

King Richard’s since 2008

Prior to their big venture, Martha spent many years in law enforcement and retired. Chuck spent many years working for Boeing/Rockwell on the Space Shuttle program until the program was retired. Martha started in the business because of her daughter, Sara.

Sara, their youngest daughter, started collecting at the age of 9. Both daughters (Rachel is the older daughter) enjoy picking and have booths at the mall.

The following is Sara’s story. The first time I saw the movie Star Wars in the theaters was the beginning. It was more than just a sci-fi series of movies for me. It had a deeper meaning and I started my collection by buying just one action figure from a store. Then the true obsession began and I needed to expand my collection. I would search eBay’s vintage listings for action figures, die cast models, and rare limited edition toys that were sold in exclusive packaging. While on this mission of collecting, I bought large collections and started to get multiples of the same items. I sold the ones I did not need on eBay and starting making money. Soon my mom started telling her friends about me being nine years old and knowing how to list items online. That was when her friends began to ask me to list things for them. One of her friends, Olivia, asked me to list some of her collectible antiques and when I asked where she got them from, she mentioned she found them by going 'antique picking' for her booth at King Richard's. I liked that idea and asked her if I could share a booth with her and split the rent so I could continue selling my vintage star wars items in a store and online. I began to get more of the antique picking itch and startedhunting for other items beyond my collection. This antique picking itch was not just a fad but turned into a contagious fever as the love, appreciation, and inspiration to find and flip antiques. This later spread to other family members (mom/dad) causing them to buy the (King Richards) business which allowed others (dealers) to continue indulging in their own personal antique selling fever."

Quoted from http://www.kingrichardsantiques.com/about-us.html


"Luisa Macias opened Studio Danza in October of 2007 as a place where children and adults could learn and enjoy different forms of dance. Zumba and hip hop were immediately popular offerings. In 2011, Macias accepted a longstanding children's program, "Folklorico de Colores," when SPIRITT Family Services could no longer provide the program. The Studio added the words, "Folklorica de Colores" to its name to reflect the addition of the folklorico program.

Ever since its inception, the Studio has provided dance instruction to all who were interested. Lessons are offered on a sliding fee scale based on ability to pay for children who are at risk and low income.

In 2012, a ten-person, volunteer board of directors was formed, and the Studio incorporated as "Studio Danza Folklorica de Colors, Inc.," a tax-exempt 501 (C)(3) charitable organization. Luisa Macias was named Executive Director of the Studio and elected President of the Board of Directors. Contributions to support the Studio became tax-deductible for donors, including board members.

The Studio has evolved and grown since 2007 to meet the changing needs and desires of the community. Dance forms from ballet to salsa, capoeira to modern, hip hop to body toning have been enjoyed. The children's ensembles perform frequently at community events, county fairs and an annual recital. The Studio's hip hop ensembles have won competitions in California and Nevada. Zumba continues to be very popular with adults.

Studio Danza Folklorica de Colores, Inc. is a proud member of the American Dance Therapy Association. Dance and movement are a form of therapy that helps participants improve their physical, mental and emotional health."

Quoted from https://www.studiodanzausa.com/about/

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