George Rodriguez - 2017 Returning Artist

¡The Book of George! George Rodriguez, is an American photographer who was born and raised in south central Los Angeles to Mexican-American parents. At the age of fifteen, he won a Kodak student photography contest and unknowingly his life's work had begun. No other photographer has had as unique and wide ranging a career as George. From shooting some of Hollywood's most legendary stars like Marilyn Monroe and Cary Grant, to being one of the few photographers present during the historic beginnings of the Sunset strip music scene which produced the likes of Jim Morrison and The Doors. Throughout his life George has always carried camera around with him. He documented the powerful Chicano movement and LA Unified protests. He was also there with Caesar Chavez and the United Migrant Farmworkers during their boycotts. The archives of his work fill the garage of his Pico Rivera, California home. The unmatched filing cabinets are overflowing with hundreds of thousands of incredible images that only a photographer with George's varied experience could possess. The Book of George! follows George while he undertakes the endless task of going through more than sixty years of memories and photographs, as he attempts to organize his best images for a book about his life. Ten of these images were recently purchased by The Smithsonian Institution for the National Portrait Gallery. ¡The Book of George! is a one hour documentary that celebrates the life and artistic pursuits of George Rodriguez, an American photographer.

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