Lisa V. Marano - Featured Multi-Media Artist

"I was Born in England in 1972 to two artistic parents, Paul Barrett- Brown, an engineer and special effects costume and prop maker, and Diana Tackley, a textile designer and fine artist. After studying at Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology I moved to Pennsylvania in 1992. This is when I ventured more into prop making and 3D artworks. I co-founded a small company called EFEX Alive, which made masks and movie props, and this is when I began to develop my airbrushing skills. I have been working in various mediums my whole life, in both 2D and 3D formats. With such a wide range of artistic experience in different fields, I was asked to teach art classes at a local school and I ended up teaching there for 11 years.

In 2011 Dj Ashba, who was the lead guitarist for Guns N’ Roses at the time, contacted us to make some movie authentic “Friday the 13th” hockey masks for him. After making several smaller pieces for his personal collection, we created a life size “Jason Voorhees” figure. It received so much attention that Dj hired us to create figures for his company ASHBA Media which he founded in 2003. After making numerous figures for Cirque Du Soleil, we decided to move to ASHBA Media’s home base Las Vegas, and have been here, working for ASHBA Media since 2013. During the past few years ASHBA Media’s field of expertise has grown and developed tenfold. We now provide display and set pieces for anything from Trade shows to music festivals. Our biggest “prop” to date was a pair of 40ft tall replica volcanoes, that actually were able to erupt in smoke and fire." -Lisa V. Marano

For more information about ASHBA Media, please visit

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