Justin Floyd - Guest Film Director

Based in Los Angeles CA,

Film Writer/Director at Warner Bros. Entertainment

From the streets of Los Angeles into the quiet of his sister’s bedroom, using nothing but action figures as characters and bed sheets for a background, Justin's future in entertainment began. With digital recorders and portable devices becoming more available in the passing years Justin wasted no time sharpening his skills as a filmmaker throughout La Serna High School. Justin's apatite for growth began when he took home the 1st place Martin Roth Screenwriting Award at his Inner-city Filmmakers Graduation at AMPAS.

Today this youngster's trek to Hollywood continues with over 70 visual stories that include, shorts, music videos, documentaries, and commercials, for company's such as, Digitech and Chubbies. In addition to several Television appearances on shows such as MTV, and the 87th ACADEMY AWARDS. Where he had the chance to meet Hollywood stars like Jared Leto, and Changing Tatum. Justin received the unique opportunity to hand out Oscar statuettes, along side Neil Patrick Harris, on stage at the 87th Academy Awards as part of Team Oscar.

In 2016, out of hundreds of filmmaker applicants around the world, SUNDANCE selected Justin, along with 15 young filmmakers, to attend the Sundance film Festival as part of SUNDANCE IGNITE. In 2017, he was selected out of thousands of filmmakers to participate as an EMERGING DIRECTOR for Warner Brother’s Studio.

Justin Is Currently Producing his first feature film, and working in Atlanta Georgia on films such as GODZILLA 2.

"For the future I see my creations allowing viewers to forget their seats and popcorn as part of the experience." "Being so young, I just simply continue to hustle and absorb as much content as possible in order to reach my filmmaking goals and prove that with hard work and effort anything can be turned into something extraordinary" "When I smile after seeing a movie or writing a script, I know I am already living my dream." - Justin Floyd

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Mahatma Gandhi

SFS ArtFest 2018 Teaser Video leading up to the festival:

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