Liz Huston - Guest Visual Artist


I am fascinated with the way memory influences

how stories change and evolve over time.

This happens not because the facts change,

but because the inner orientation of the stor yteller has.

Their perspective grows,

expanding and contracting with experience.

The storyteller journeys us deep into the timeless aspects

of the human experience; the kingdoms of love and loss,

through grief, resolve, growth and into the balance of purpose.

The human form, quite often a female form,

is the stor yteller within my art.

She comes to us in the nude, like a baby,

with nothing to hide:

her full power and breadth still intact.

We see her as metaphor, as paradox embodied.

She has the power of flight, yet chooses to walk.

She has the ability to swim in great depths,

yet allows herself to be captured and tamed.

She teaches us, she moves through us,

and yet, she does not belong to us.

She is composed of images from the past and the present,

and thus inhabits multiple worlds at once.

This time traveler, this stor yteller, unites the treads of time--

leading us home, bringing us back into ourselves.

SFS ArtFest 2018 Teaser Video leading up to the festival:

#2018 #GuestArtists

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