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Teachers are sources of opportunity to ignite aspirations! A HUGE thank you to this year's Teacher participation - you made an impact that will last a lifetime! You and your talented students are a part of this collective connection of artists from around the world!



"Ross Gould is a History teacher at Lake Center Middle located in Santa Fe Springs, California and part of Little Lake City Elementary." -Quoted from RateMyTeacher

"Mr. Gould is by far the most amazing teacher st lake center middle school. He explains history so well and also makes learning fun. His class is always fun but on task. He is also a funny and caring teacher who really cares about his students and their grades. If your lucky you'll have him as a teacher and have an exciting year." -Quoted from RateMyTeacher

Student Participants: Elizabeth DeLeon, Evanny Garcia, Lola Bermejo, Meghan Davidson, Natalie Gutierrez, and Sofia Rojas.


Teacher: HUGO RIOS

"Hugo Rios remembers seeing finger-paints in preschool and never wanting to put them down. Growing up in South Central Los Angeles he witnessed how fundamental the arts are to culture, community building and enrichment. His experiences with the arts inside and outside a classroom empowered him to pursue a B.A. in Sociology, double minoring in Education Studies and Public Affairs at UCLA. After graduating in 2015 he participated in an Artist Residency for the Turnaround Arts Initiative following with becoming the Community and Educations Programs Assistant at The Eli and Edythe Broad Stage. He is excited to join LAMusArt and continue growing in arts administration while helping lay bricks for the creative paths of tomorrow.

Having been reengaged in the arts he hopes to aspire younger generations to continue their self discovery and reflection through their own artistic expression. Art, music, drawing and writing played significant roles in Hugo’s creative path and continue to do so. He wishes they will do the same for others and allow the world to become an artistic playground without boundaries so that everyone could explore and learn through the arts. When not advocating for arts education programs he can be found reading a comic book, socializing with friends, or playing video games." -Quoted from LAMusArt


"Erick Altamirano was introduced to LAMusArt at an early age after receiving the annual La Opinion Art Competition Scholarship. His early exposure in the arts directed him to a new lifestyle away from the popular street violence and vandalism that surrounded him at the time. In 2005, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Education from California State University, Los Angeles. Now, Erick is a full time art teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District and is working on an Masters of Fine Arts. Erick’s objective at LAMusArt is to introduce students to new art techniques that will expand their critical thinking skills, problem solving and social interaction through conceptual art means. As an art educator and member of this community, his goal is to instill in each of his students the confidence that LAMusArt gave him." -Quoted from LAMusArt

Student Participants: Alejandra Ortega, Alexis Cruz, Azucena Ortega, Diana Isabella Hernandez, Diego Barraza, Giovanna Ruiz, Giselle De Jesus, Hector Saldivar, Julianna Flores, Kimberly Garcia, Leonardo Miranda, Lesley Saldivar, and Zoey Ceja.



"Born to parents who had recently emigrated from Mexico (his father had been born in El Paso, Texas, but his family returned to Mexico under social pressure during the Depression), Arturo Urista grew up in the City Terrace area of East Los Angeles. Although neither of his parents had been able to complete their education, they ensured that all their children would finish their Catholic schooling. Arturo went to study architectural drafting at Don Bosco Technical Institute in Rosemead, receiving his A.A. Degree in 1980, and then worked professionally as a draftsman for five years. That experience, he felt, “sharpened my artistic skills drastically.” A subsequent art gallery job led him to a meeting with Sister Karen Boccalero and to Self Help Graphics, where he mounted a solo exhibition in 1988. After this introduction, Urista became a gallery director at Galeria Otra Vez for six years, organizing exhibitions and festivals and creating a database for the gallery’s mailing list. He continued his education at California State University, Los Angeles, earning a B.A. Art Design and Sociology in 1987, an M.A. in Sociology in 1995, and a multiple-subject credential in 1999. Throughout this time he continued both his production of artwork and his community involvement. Latinoartcommunity.org"

- Quoted from Urista.com

Student Participants: Abram Duarte, Antonio Gonzalez, Ashley Villasenor-Mendez, Briana Duenas, Daymien Galvan, Dominic Rubio, Emily Avalos, Humberto Solis, Isaiah Macias, Jaidein Resendez, Julian Con, Liah DeLeon, Mariam Cristotomo-Morales, Mariana Castillo, Miranda Mata, Noel Franco, and Selena Ramirez.



"Jennifer Sanchez is a Visual Arts teacher at Pioneer High School located in Whittier, California and part of Whittier Union High." -Quoted from RateMyTeacher

"Sanchez is awesome and fun and she does all she can to not only make sure you turn in your work and get a good grade but she tries to bring out the best in you. Coolest cat lady. And Scarface is super cute. (: "-Quoted from RateMyTeacher

"She is an amazing teacher and does everything possible to make sure that her students get all their work turned in. She is patient and she designed the class so that you learn a lot if you actually do all of your work."-Quoted from RateMyTeacher


Kristina Gomez was born in Montebello, California on Christmas Day in 1978. She grew up in Whittier, a small city on the borderline of Los Angeles and Orange County. Every summer and winter when school was out Kristina would travel with her family to Fresno. With her parents in the front and her 2 sisters in the back with a 4 hour drive each way- she looked for ways to keep busy. While Kristina was squished in the middle seat in the back of their Mercury Topaz; she found herself drawing in her little sketchbook from her Uncle Jack. She sketched images such as her bare feet, her sisters snoring next her, her mother’s hands resting on her purse and her dad’s oversized sunglasses at the wheel. She also drew the long stretched fields of fruit along the Grapevine. She looked forward to those long trips in the car and awaited her Grandma’s hugs and kisses when she arrived in Fresno.

Over the next few years Kristina became more and more interested at how well she could draw. In high school she grew to love her Ceramics Teacher, Ms. Jameson and became fascinated by her skill, humor and sarcasm. While in high school she was involved in a 3- year program called the Graphic Design Academy where she grew to love creating artistically. A year after high school she landed a tutoring job for an elementary kids math academy and a dance instructor for kids after school program. She enjoyed working with young people.

Kristina completed all her undergraduate studies at Cerritos College, where she was again inspired by so many teachers to pursue her hobby of creating Art. She was honored and shocked when her professor, Mr. Friedfield, told her that she should publish a children’s book she created. This gave Kristina the extra push she at the time was blinded by. In 2003, Kristina Graduated with her B.A. in Communications at California State University Fullerton. After a year in a few customer service and call center jobs, Kristina was still not fulfilled in her career choices. She missed the love of creating and inspiring young people. In 2006, Kristina taught an Art Camp for kids at the Cal-State Fullerton campus; happily she returned the next summer for Art Camp. That is where she belonged. Kristina received her Teaching Credential in Art Education in 2008 from Cal- State Fullerton.

Currently Kristina is a teacher at Pioneer High School in Whittier, California. She calls it her dream come true because she grew up in Whittier and graduated from Pioneer. “My Mission as an Art Educator”, says Kristina, “is to provide students with a variety of tools to explore art by constructing tactile projects, expressing, enjoying, researching, and discussing cultural and historic references and using themes in the classroom that are relevant to the student’s lives thus preparing them for successful futures.”

Kristina Gomez has been showcased at The Cerritos College Art Gallery, along with the Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts in La Habra Heights and The BlueBird Art House in Whittier.

Student Participants: Aliah Martinez, Alver Echte Zetino, Ariana Morales, Berenice Alvarez, Brenda Rodriguez, Briana Del Aguila, Briana Hernandez, D'Mario Castellanos, Daniela Vargas, Erika Martel, Heavenly Skye Mandy, Ismael Mora, Jazmine Ferrer, Joanna Langarica, Jonathan Gamino, Lexie Hernandez, Lizette Terrones, Marina Rodriguez, Michel Manriquez, Ronaldo Saraza, Ruth Mora, Samuel Guzman, Sasha Del Aguila, Vanessa Lara, and Yesenia Martinez.



"Mrs. Senglaub – currently teaching Jr. High History at SFSCS, was born in Bellfower and grew up in the La Mirada and Downey areas. She attended private school her entire life, including Good Shepherd Lutheran and Leffingwell Christian High School. She earned her BA at Biola University in Liberal Studies and her minor is in Biblical Studies. She also has an emphasis in Visual Arts. She has been teaching full time for the past 12 years. Prior to that she has ran summer camps, worked as a long – term substitute teacher, and worked for a Korean Church and preschool teaching English to Korean students. Her full time teaching began with Junior High. She taught JR High for 3 years and moved down to 4th Grade for 2 years. In 2001 she switched to a 5th and 6th Grade combination class. She continued with that grade level until coming to Santa Fe Springs in 2008." -Quoted from SFSCS Website

Student Participants: Alyssa Rodela, Amanda Soto, Andrew Stewart, Daisy Walton, Eviana Noffsinger, Germain Becarra, Giselle Calderon, Giselle Kurianski, Grace Florez, Kailey Roy, Lylah Jarvis, Olivia Valdavia, Pamela Flores, Paris Prouty, and Sarah Cosio.



“The dream begins, most of the time, with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you on to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth.” -Dan Rathe


"Jenny Sedo is a Visual Arts teacher at Santa Fe High School located in Santa Fe Springs, California and part of Whittier Union High." -Quoted from RateMyTeacher

"I'm a student from her first year at SFHS. I still have my notes and ID cards that were required. I took the AP Art History class for fun and so I didn't take the AP test. However, when I took Art History in college, it felt more like a review because Ms. Sedo was so thorough. I still think about her class. She is one of my favorite teachers ever." -Quoted from RateMyTeacher

"BEST TEACHER PERIOD.Art history was the best.She made the tacks easy and understandable and her tips actually helps for the AP exam,in short she actually cares abouther students,memorableD for Duh lol" -Quoted from RateMyTeacher

"Best teacher i've ever had. she's super clear, very nice and approachable. and yes, she does make school fun" -Quoted from RateMyTeacher

"YAY!! Ms. Sedo!She actually made art history fun and interesting. I'll never forget the day I got lost at the art museum!! She really cares about her students!!" -Quoted from RateMyTeacher

"She's the coolest, most patient, kind yet firm, art history teacher ever!" -Quoted from RateMyTeacher


"Greetings, here at Santa Fe High School, we believe that everyone has the ability to be creative. Our Visual Arts classes provide students the time and materials to make art and increase their skill levels. Students also make new friends and have a place to decompress."

-Quoted from Jessica's SFHS Homepage

Student Participants: Agnes Aragones, Alex Kepler, Alex Womack, Ulises Gonzalez, Amiee Novillo, Angel Cruz, Angel Donosa, Antonio Cardoza, Ashleigh Raya, Ashley Calderon, Audrey Monzon, Ava Griffin, Careena Isabel Romo, Casey Saguin, Clarissa Chagolla, Devin Balam, Devin Zevallos, Emily Andrade, Fernando Palomares, Francisco Gonzalez, Griselda Rodriguez, Helyne Rodriguez, Isabella Castillo, Ivette Melgar, Izeah B Mendoza, Janiece Zambrano, Jennifer Galeana, Jerald Castillo, Jonathan Gonzalez, Aaron Gutierrez, Erik Navas, Jonathan Oblea, Julie Sandoval, Kyara Sandoval, Lesley Valdez, Madeline LaVigne, Maquech Lizarraga, Marco Rodriguez Bugarin, Edward Macias, Daniel Godinez, Mathew Vega, Michael Castillo, Natlii Vaughn, Raymond T Harvey, Ricky Suarez, Harley Parra, Roxanne Flores, Ruby Martinez, Saray Guerrero, Savannah De La Rosa, Thanh Nguyen, Tracie Porter, and Vanessa Gaeta.

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