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SFS Art Fest 2022's Featured Visual Artist

Angel Acordagoitia, as a child, was always surrounded by art: seeing his father sketch or draw and drawing with his older sister. The only formal art training that Acordagoitia has had have been a couple of art courses at Cerritos College and working with his uncle, who is an artist. During his teenage years, he took courses with a student of Frida Kahlo’s. Acordagoitia learned various art techniques and so much history from his uncle. For example, he learned how to prepare and create murals as well as how to paint walls using various techniques. During his time at Cerritos College, Acordagoitia took a life-drawing course. He remembers his Professor telling him, “You’re so talented, it’s scary”. He guessed she saw something in him that was naturally forming and developing. He applied the discipline of creating and mixing medias from all of the experiences he had cultivated through his family and attending Cerritos College.

Artist Angel Acordagoitia Statement:

“I paint to create art that changes the way people look at art. My paintings can be seen in different ways to surprise the viewer. My art is a direct influence of my Mexican/American background and the nostalgia of the 1980s. With each painting, I portray a story or a message.”

Acordagoitia has shown his series of art and installations in art galleries throughout Los Angeles. Acordagoitia received the award “Master Artist” at the 2019 Santa Fe Springs Art Fest. Currently, Acordagoitia is working on the final paintings to complete his black-light collection called “ALIVE” A Black Light Affaire. This is a collection of paintings that invites the audience to seek the transformation under the black-light with VDR application.

Currently, Accordagoitia is working on a collection called "Portrait of A Portrait". For this collection, he wanted to pay tribute to artists who have had an impact on his journey through their art: "I want viewers to see the person behind the artist".

2020 was a difficult time for everybody due to the Covid-19 lockdowns. During this time, Accordagoitia continued painting everyday in order to expand his creativity. he also completed a couple of murals for a client and one for the City of Santa Fe Springs about heritage/history designed as an outline to be painted by resident families.

Disco Ball
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"Her popularity is still going strong and has gained fans of younger generations. She is making an effort at crossing over to Jazz music in order to showcase her versatility and range."

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Guest Performance
Concert Crowd

Rocky Kramer

"Hailing from the Scandinavian Peninsula country of Norway, Rocky Kramer is truly a modern day Viking, poised to take no prisoners as he conquers the hearts, minds and souls of rockers around the world!"

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Guest Musician & Composer
Colored Space
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Rocio Ponce

"I am a nationally certified personal trainer, certified in classical Pilates as well as Lagree Fitness. I am a Flamenco Dancer, have competed in Bikini Bodybuilding Competitions, and I was a cast member in Cirque Du Soleil."

Guest Flamenco Performer
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Flamenco City Hall Theatre
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Guillermo lives and teaches in the Los Angeles, California area and works as a solo guitarist, Flamenco dance accompanist, and for nine years has been a luthier at Long Beach Guitar Repair, specializing in Flamenco guitars.

Guest Flamenco Guitarist
Future Glitch
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Roberto Chavez

"His ability to capture unique images rooted on his multifaceted upbringing has taking him to editorial, commercial, journalism and fashion world across the globe."

Photography Curator
Mixed Material Geometric Shapes
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Janet Seo

"My art is continually speaking of my soul. My goal is soul searching, or rather reaching up to it. Surrounded by fellow artists, I may find what I am searching for through their art in spirit."

K Art Group Curator