Friday | May 3rd, 2019

SFS ArtFest 2019

Featured Artist Yolanda González demonstrates her love of people and their surroundings. González travels to different countries and forges bonds with individuals in those places: the resulting transformative experiences are reflected in her strong, bold brush strokes of color and texture - evoking imagination and emotional stimulation.


Guest Artist Trinity Gomez Trinity is a self-taught artist who, from day one, has loved to recreate vivid scenes from her imagination. Her interest in art began at a very young age when her parents gave her a journal to write in at night. She would use the pages to draw whimsically effervescent scenes. This habit grew and blossomed into various mediums!


Guest Artist Anthony Fuentes was influenced to create when he saw various works coming in and out of his mother's custom framing shop. His creative use of color and composition was noticed and published in "River's Voice". Anthony's unique style of juxtaposed imagery and bold lines stand out and captivate viewers.

Featured Ewha Nokmee Curator Janet Seo "My art is from my life experience, as for many artists; however, I had gone through a rough period in my life.  I am an immigrant and a single mother as well.  Difficult as it was, I still produced work and participated in many art exhibitions, which helped me to become more professional and grow in many areas."


The Santa Fe Springs ArtFest attracts more than 3,000 people who visit to enjoy and experience inspiring art showcases, stimulating live entertainment, interactive workshops, exciting live installation artists, live silent auctions, incredible pop-up galleries, unique crafters, and a variety of delectable international foods.