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"My art is continually speaking of my soul. My goal is soul searching, or rather reaching up to it. Surrounded by fellow artists, I may find what I am searching for through their art in spirit."

Recycled Paper

Janet Seo

Janet Seo is a Korean American artist with an MFA from Cal state University. She has worked as an illustrator and taught at the University level. She has won awards at the 2018 LA Open Competition and has had group shows in LA and Orange county. She curated Ewha Nokmee and K-ART Group shows in MUZEO museum and the Muckenthaler museum. She is a recurring guest curator at the Santa Fe Springs Art Fest.

Seo, Janet_Flame.jpg
Seo, Janet_Windy Red Hair.jpg

"First, I develop the concept of an object and translate my perspective and understanding of it; manipulating its shapes and forms. I paint what I sense, not what I see, whether it’s real or not. I am connecting to my soul through my works and hope for others to feel the same experience."

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