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Pink Brick Wall

“As a Latina artist and high school art teacher, my creative journey is a vibrant exploration of colorful expressions and cultural heritage. Drawing is my anchor and and teaching is a calling to guide students toward self-expression and individuality. I strive to bring out the best in each student, fostering confidence and authenticity in their creations.

The influence of ethnic folk art is a driving force in my work, paying homage the rich traditions of my multi-cultural, Mexican-American heritage. My mission is to empower the next generation of artists to navigate their artistic journeys with pride, embracing the myriad colors of their identity within the high school art studio and beyond.”

Monica Taylor, has nearly 25 years of commitment to fostering creativity, with a Bachelor's in Art Education from Cal State Fullerton to being the Chairperson of the Visual and Performing Arts Department and Drawing Teacher at Monrovia High School. She brings a wealth of experience and passion to her role as an art educator.

Local to the community, Monica was born and raised in nearby Whittier, grounding her professional endeavors in a deep connection to the area. She is a versatile educator, who has imparted artistic knowledge at all grade levels, from TK through High School always showcasing her dedication to nurturing creativity to all ages.

Monica finds fulfillment from her 25 years of marriage to a fellow educator. Their 3 have excelled academically as well as in the visual and  performing arts throughout their childhoods. Monica's a singer and dedicated to the arts.

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