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Clay Texture

In my recent body of work, I explore the intersection of ceramics, utilitarian forms, and toxic texture glazes against vibrant color backgrounds, engaging with the discourse surrounding painting and public art. Transitioning from the realm of production line ceramics to conceptual installation art, my aim is to challenge viewers by presenting everyday forms within novel contexts. Shadows cast by my pieces induce a sense of vertigo, imbuing the space with an illusion of movement.

I envision the future of ceramics as a fusion of technological advancements and societal concerns. By blending cutting-edge technologies with critical reflections on our cultural values, we can push the boundaries of the medium and provoke meaningful conversations about the role of art in contemporary society.”

Robert’s journey in the arts began with the completion of a B.F.A. from Otis Parsons Art Institute, followed by a M.F.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a focus on Ceramics. Alongside his formal education, he had the privilege of immersing himself in the rich artistic landscape of Shigaraki, Japan, as an Artist-in-Residence.

Upon the culmination of my studies, he dedicated himself to the creation of art, with ceramics as his primary medium. Throughout his career, he has nurtured emerging talent and fostered the exploration of conceptual art. Notably, he has curated several art galleries, including the acclaimed Miller Durazo Contemporary Artists Projects, aimed at amplifying the voices of emerging artists and challenging artistic conventions.

Presently, he serves as a Professor of Art at Rio Hondo College, where he also holds the role of Art Gallery Director. Concurrently, he continues to impart knowledge and expertise as an instructor in the ceramic department at UCLA.

His artistic journey is one defined by a relentless pursuit of creative expression, a commitment to community engagement, and a dedication to shaping the next generation of artists.

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