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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Some fun facts:

• Musician

• A Flamenco Dancer

• Competed in Bikini Bodybuilding Competitions

• Cast Member in Cirque Du Soleil

... and so much more!

Amongst her drive of Flamenco passion, at an early age, Ponce was also studying gymnastics, ballet, and contemporary dance. This training led her to be a cast member in Cirque Du Soleil. Once she joined Cirque Du Soleil, Ponce lived in their headquarters in Montreal Quebec, Canada to learn acrobatic choreography. Ponce travelled to different parts of the world with Cirque Du Soleil. After years of performing with Cirque Du Soleil, Ponce became the lead in different acts as an acrobat, an actress, and vocalist. Then, before Ponce decided to move on to another part of her life, she was the assistant training coach for many Cirque Du Soleil cast members who still perform, to this day, around the world. Unfortunately, her high stamina lifestyle of exciting physical endurance ended with an injury to her shoulder and left hip. It took a long and slow journey to recovery which helped her to understand and be able to relate to a lot of clients with previous injuries. However, that did not deter her life long commitment to her passion. She was able to explore other ways to continue her artistic outlook in life, “I am happy and excited to be part of the Artistic Dance Community and join other masters that will foster the arts to a community that believe in that the Arts will bring people together.”

She graduated from CSULB in Dance and has taught dance, fitness, and mind-body classes at CSULA, Equinox, Yogaworks, and Total Woman Gym - amongst other fitness facilities and fitness boutiques.

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