Sandra P. Hahn

Art Consultant / Festival Producer

Throughout Sandra Hahn’s experience in entrepreneurship, the arts has inspired and influenced her business ventures. She has been serving as a proud member in the Board of Directors of The Los Angeles Music & Art School for the past 15 years and believes that “Art Education is for Everyone” starting with young children. The youth deserve to have access to quality art, music, and dance to help expand learning boundaries and to use art as an outlet and a means of communication.

Through her own personal experience as a prominent  muralist, graphic designer, and freelance artist, she had a unique opportunity to set-up the first computer-based graphic Art department class at the Los Angeles Music & Art School. Sandra established  the curriculum for both children and adults.  This lead to teaching art classes to under served Los Angeles city schools for students that had trouble staying in school.

Sandra is very active in the Art communities of Whittier, Santa Fe Springs, and Los Angeles and brings artists together to connect through exhibits and various art events. She chaired and co-chaired numerous committees in various city organizations and has also been a member of Soroptimist International, a volunteer organization that works to improve the lives of women and girls in local communities and throughout the world, for 10 years. Sandra is seasoned in producing Artshows and putting together Music Concerts in the greater Los Angeles Area and has excitedly served as an Event Consultant to various city events.

Through the past 25 years, she has received numerous awards and recognitions for her outstanding community achievements in leadership roles and start-up programs. Sandra grew up in East Los Angeles and has lived in Whittier with her husband, Frank, married over 33 years. Together they raised and remain extremely close to their two creative daughters and grand daughters.

Cie la vie!

Marie Ortiz

Public Relations / Field Assistant

"My Marketing business was launched in 1998, when I sold my first business website. Over the years I've expanded my experience with graphic design, email marketing, social media, video production and event coordinator. I've enjoyed coordinating local events such as the Whittier Uptown Association Christmas Parades,  Antique Faires, Car Shows, Farmer's Markets, The Uptown Whittier ARTcrawl along with live television spots on  FOX 11 News Weekend Round Up. I enjoy being an entrepreneur, marketer, designer and consultant. I especially enjoy the people and friends I make along my way."

Pauline Allen

Event Coordinator Assistant / Talent Scout

"I joined Uptown Crawlers for the Uptown Whittier ArtCrawl Festival in September 2014.

With over 25 years in organization methods, research, interpretation, written and oral presentation, music production, video production, art show production, and art/music based community event production, and more, I bring a broad range of experience to the Uptown Crawlers.  

My passions are my family, the community, literacy, and the arts and has served the community working in education for over 20 years and community volunteer for over 30 years.

Accidentally, being a mom, as it so often happens, I fell into the steps of production while interning for an international film and music distribution company. I always loved the arts, poetry, literature, film, and music, being my first loves. While my children where school aged, they began participating in music, dance and theater, sports as well, but always coming back to the arts. Because of their involvement in these activities, I volunteered to be on booster clubs, quickly becoming vice president, ways and means, treasurer, seamstress and costume maker, roadie, library and garden enthusiast, appreciator of art and music. Once my children grew up, I continued to volunteer in the community and eventually connected with producer, Sandra Hahn and Marie Ortiz, I was volunteering, Ms. Hahn was organizing and Ms. Ortiz was working the Uptown Whittier Parade. It was a match made in heaven as we hit it off so well working as three separate entities for the common good of the local and surrounding communities. I have worked as a court runner supervisor, executive secretary, purchasing agent, accounting, film script analyst, event coodinator, video production, public speaker, and have worked in libraries and literacy programs for over 20 years."

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